Pink in the Rink

Q: There has been a lot of publicity lately about charities like this and how little of the money people donate actually goes to the respective cause. How much of what I donate to Pink in the Rink goes to the American Cancer Society?

Because Pink in the Rink is run by people who are all 100% volunteer, we have no overhead, no salaries to pay and no official employees. Because of this, 100% of the money that you donate goes directly to the American Cancer Society.

There is a variety of merchandise that we sell in the Shop on the website such as t-shirts, hockey sticks and bracelets. The price of each item is calculated by us taking the cost that we pay a given vendor for the item plus a markup that we determine is fair. That amount above the cost of the item is how much we donate to the American Cancer Society.

Q: Is there a minimum to donations and/or sponsorships?

No, there is no minimum. We are happy to accept a donation or sponsorship of any size.

Q: Are donations I make to Pink in the Rink tax deductible?

Yes, we have a federal tax ID number and we will give you a receipt letter stating your donation with the EIN number and our info that you can use when filing your taxes.

"My mom. My friends. My daughter- your daughters- your moms- your sisters- your neighbors- your grandmothers. I'm fighting every day for a cure- for the future- so nobody has to fight again. Thank you for hosting this - it's amazing how much awareness you are raising!!! It makes the fight easier when you know you're not alone..."
- Jaime DiGregorio Ruggiero, Supporter
Wheels to Recovery

Every day thousands of cancer patients need a ride to treatment, but some may not have a way to get there. Through our partnership with the American Cancer Society, the Wheels to Recovery Program provides transportation to and from treatment for people with cancer who do not have a ride or are unable to drive themselves. For more information about this program or to schedule transportation using the Pink In The Rink, click here.

Pictures from the youth game are going up on our Facebook page... A lot more to add!
Thursday, June 1 @ 1:56 AM
RT @NEHockeyExpo: We are pleased to announce that proceeds from our autograph session with @zachsanford21 will go to @pinkinrink https://t.…
Thursday, June 1 @ 1:54 AM
Great event! Thank you to everyone involved! Thank you @TriTownIceArena for hosting us for the 3rd year!
Monday, May 22 @ 2:34 PM